HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo Unveiled – Listed For £499.99

Hassan Mujtaba

HIS, one of the leading graphics card manufacturers are preparing their latest Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo edition graphics card which will be available in late January 2014. The HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 sports a new color scheme for the IceQ X2 cooler and comes with factory overclocked specifications.HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo

HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo Unveiled - Listed For £499.99

The HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo features the Hawaii XT core with 2816 stream processors, 176 texture mapping units, 64 raster operators and a 4 GB GDDR5 memory that operates along a 512-bit bus interface. On the clocks side, the card will be factory overclocked so while we don't have any specifics about what frequencies the card would be clocked at, its good to know that it would atleast be bumped up unlike the XFX Radeon R9 290 Double Dissipation series. The card would be powered by the reference 6+8 Pin power configuration while display outputs include Dual-Link DVI, HDMI and a Display Port.

HIS has went with their high-performance IceQ X2 cooling for the Radeon R9 290X which sits on top of a stock R9 290X PCB. HIS has made some changes to the color scheme going with a vanilla white color instead of the black and silver color on the previous IceQ X2 coolers. This is a odd color scheme to go with since the PCB is colored Blue which has been a downside in our reviews of the HIS R9 series cards. Nevertheless, the cooler still does a great job cooling the core which was also demonstrated in our reviews cooling at as much as 30C lower than the stock cooler. It would had been better is HIS went with a white colored PCB on this card which would have looked great for it.

The shroud includes dual 89mm fan which push air towards a central aluminum heatsink array with two 8mm and three 6mm pure heatpipes which dissipate heat from the core. A separate heatsink is placed on the VRMs to cool them for stability. There's a baseplate included which will support the card preventing it from bending due to the heavy weight of the cooler. Overclockers.Co.Uk have listed the card for £499.99 which you can buy from the link provided below:HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo GPU

HIS Radeon R9 290X IceQ X2 Turbo @ Overclockers.Co.UK

AMD's AIC partners are expected to launch several non-reference and custom Radeon R9 290X and Radeon R9 290 boards during this month and January 2014. Stay tuned for more!

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