HIS Radeon HD 7970 X2 Dual Chip Graphics Card Arrival Imminent – Final Iteration Pictured


Tomshardware has got some exclusive update on HIS's Radeon HD 7970 X2 graphics card which combines two Tahiti cores on a powerful non-reference PCB. The version Tomshardware got of the card seems slightly different than the one unveiled back at Computex 2012.

The HIS Radeon HD 7970 X2 (or HD 7990 as we call it) is a custom designed GPU which makes use of Dual Tahiti XT chips. Custom in a sense that board partners of AMD are offering their own HD 7990 cards instead of official version from AMD. TUL, started this trend be delivering its own custom Dual-GPU cards using several of its brands such as PowerColor, VTX3D. HIS also enters the same league though its cards is different from TUL's offering.

HIS's Radeon HD 7970 X2 uses a 16 Phase VRM on-board which is powered by three PCI-e connectors. Compared to the other HD 7990 offerings, HIS HD 7970 X2 offers a clock speed of 1050 MHz with additional room for overclocking while TUL's HD 7990 is clocked at 1000 MHz. A 6 GB memory running across a 384-bit x2 wide interface is clocked at 1500 MHz. The Tahiti XT cores are interlinked with the Lucid chip.

Toms didn't mention any launch plans or pricing of the card but they did tell that a review of the card against GTX 690 and HD 7990 would be arriving shortly. You can learn more about that at the source.