Bluehole Wants to Further Optimize PUBG Xbox One X HQ Texture Rendering


The PUBG Xbox One development team wants to further optimize the PUBG Xbox One X texture rendering process for HQ textures.

Bluehole recently decided to make changes to the game’s rendering process on Xbox One X due to the more powerful hardware inside Microsoft’s console. As such, the development team allowed for more gradual loading of high quality textures to prevent the game from dropping frames but these changes haven’t been warmly received by One X players. Luckily, it appears that the PUBG Xbox One development has heard these complaints, and has plans to further optimize the rendering process on the Xbox One X.

PUBG Xbox One X Graphical Options Patch Being Finalized; Expected on the Game’s Test Server Soon

“As many of our Xbox players are aware, the Xbox One X utilizes a more detailed world than the OG/S versions due to their powerful GPU for 4K resolution”, community manager Lumos wrote. “Thus, X users are able to see textures in higher quality, but it also means that the X requires more resources to output these textures compared to OG and S. Because of this, it took longer to load textures, and even caused issues with dropped frames.”

He continued, “To mitigate these types of issues and to create more fair looting and combat situations, we decided to make the rendering process to display the highest quality textures more gradual. This means buildings will load faster, allowing you to get in and start looting quickly, with the texture quality gradually increasing until it’s fully rendered at the highest quality.”

“The changes we made currently aren’t being liked by many of our X users. We plan to further optimize the rendering process so the higher quality textures can be rendered faster without dropping frames.”

We’ll keep you updated on this matter.

PUBG is available now for Xbox One via Microsoft's Xbox One Game Preview program and PC (via Steam).