PUBG Xbox One X Graphical Options Patch Being Finalized; Expected on the Game’s Test Server Soon


The PUBG Xbox One X graphical options patch is currently being finalized by the game’s Xbox development team, and is expected to arrive on the test servers soon.

In a new community update on the official PUBG forums, the development team provided some additional details about the upcoming patch for Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox One console which will add new rendering modes for the One X. The patch was first expected to arrive last month, but Bluehole later announced it would be delayed into December, and from the looks of it, the patch will release on the game’s test server later this week pending Q&A and certification.

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“In our November Week 2 community post, we briefly went over what you can expect with the graphical settings options that the team is currently developing”, the team writes. “We are finalizing a few changes, and plan to share these updates next week.”

“In our next PTS update which is tentatively sometime next week pending QA and certification, players will have a chance to test this out and provide feedback. We will be providing more information and patch notes soon, so be on the lookout on our official channels.“

We’ll update as soon as we learn more about this PUBG Xbox One X patch.

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