PUBG Dev Bluehole Comments on Colluding With External Parties Selling Illegal Programs; Employee In Question Hasn’t been Fired


PUBG developer Bluehole has commented on recent rumors about an employee being fired because of colluding with external parties selling illegal programs.

The rumor surfaced on Reddit this weekend, and implies that PUBG's Chinese region principal Suhwan Kim was fired by his employer for collaborating with a hacker streamer in China, bribery and selling classified information to a hack developer. The post has since been removed.

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On the official PUBG forums, community manager Andro Dars, who goes by the name PUBG_FWG, has posted a statement from Bluehole on the matter.

First of all, we regret the confusion and frustration caused by rumors about our employee colluding with external parties selling illegal programs.

PUBG Corp takes a firm stand on illegal programs and improper behavior of internal employees.

The employee in question is in charge of China-related tasks, but contrary to what was rumored, he is not the head of the China region and is not in charge of illegal programs or anti-cheat related tasks. Therefore, this employee does not have access to game information such as the game's source code. It is also not true that this employee has already been fired.

However, as mentioned above, PUBG recognizes the seriousness of the current situation, and will investigate the matter. We will take the appropriate action(s) if any of these rumors are found to be true.

We will continue our missions to provide the best Battle Royale gaming experience and service to players around the world, and we thank you for making us part of your world.

PUBG is available now for both PC and Xbox One. The game released in early-access for PC back in March 2017. Version 1.0 was released for PC in December of last year. The Xbox Game Preview version was launched on December 12th. For the most recent Xbox One update 9, patch #9, check out this post right here.