PUBG To Get New Movement Mechanics, Team Deathmatch Mode – Rumor


Big things are apparently in store for PUBG, as the game is getting new mechanics and play modes in the future.

Well-known PUBG dataminer PlayerIGN shared a new video a couple of hours ago detailing all of his latest findings. According to the video, the game will get new movement mechanics, riot shields, which have been teased last year and an offline mode that will involve zombies. Team Deathmatch mode from PUBG Lite is apparently also getting added to the main game.

PUBG Launches the Dense, Urban “Deston” Next Month, its First New Map in Over a Year

PUBG leaks in this video:
- P90
- Famas
- HK G3
- New boat for the Miramar
- Team Deathmatch
- 2 or 3 TDM maps
- C4
- Claymore
- New movement/animation system
- Riot shield comes with the new movement system (that is why it has been delayed)
- Offline zombie training mode being built by a new team that was recently hired. Should be completed by the end of 2020
- Story mode which is a prequel to the current Erangel
- Ranked and clan systems

The latest major PUBG update, update 5.1, introduced changes to the Miramar map and much more.

The highway to hell has an exit ramp to Miramar, so rev up that Mirado for the new “A La Muerte Vamos” racing course running through the region. There’s plenty of new attractions for players to utilize, including ramps, loops and some sick jumps to crank that automobile anarchy to the next level.

Players also now have a new way to assist their allies and take down their enemies with the addition of item and melee weapon throwing mechanics. Toss your squad mates that much needed energy drink or go for the longshot and take down that last survivor with an expertly calculated pan throw.

In addition to the gameplay updates, the Survivor Pass is back with new rewards, challenges, and improved mission systems! Survivor Pass: Badlands rewards players with outfits and weapon skins themed around the harsh desert and its former inhabitants. Additionally, players can dive into the history of Miramar for the first time as they unlock all four parts of the Season 5 story together as a community by collecting new items scattered throughout the different Battlegrounds.

PUBG is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.