Android Tips and Tricks: How to Improve your Android Device’s Battery Life

Rafia Shaikh

Does your Android device literally eats up its battery juice? Do you get annoyed when it cannot simply last a few good hours when you are outdoors without any charging options? Well, so were we! Here is some good app which will help you improve Android battery life and last longer.increase android battery life

This app namely One Power Guard Pro is aimed to increase batter life of your rooted Android device. Although, it is only for rooted Android devices yet, we hope to see some version for non-rooted version too. Very unlikely though.

How to improve Android battery life with Power Guard:

One Power Guard will increase Android battery life of rooted devices and increase its standby time. This app also claims to increase the time it takes to charge your Android battery life. One Power Guard does this magic by offering six different energy saving modes. These 6 modes can be used for various scenarios.

The app saves battery by taking the benefit right from the kernel level. Previously, rooted Android device users have preferred using Greenify. Let's see if One Power Guard reaches to the level of Greenify to improve Android battery life.

"One Power Guard is one and only kernel-level powersaving app - One is all cool.

One Power Guard is a unique battery enhancement tool designed to conserve your battery power an increase uptime on rooted Android smartphones/tablets. One Power Guard will decrease your charging time and increase your device performance while also increasing your uptime. One Power Guard will also protect your device from faulty applications that can: cause over-heating (decreasing your battery lifespan); run down your battery; prevent your device from deep-sleeping; and, use unneeded resources such as WiFi and Cell Data. By selecting any one of the six customized power-saving modes, you are able to match your power savings needs to your lifestyle. There is no need to purchase extra batterys or a larger battery, just use One Power Guard."

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