All New HTC One M8 Drop, Water Resistance, and Scratch / Hammer Tests – Video

HTC One M8 test videos:

After spending quite a hefty amount on these flagship smartphones, we definitely want them to stand the blows of daily life. Of course you won't be using it to hit someone - or you would? - but we certainly don't want it to be fragile enough to not stand daily wear and tear. HTC One M8 Drop test

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These drop tests give us a needed reassurance that those moments in which gravity tries to pull our dear phones don't end up breaking them. The All New HTC One M8 was announced yesterday and seems to be quite a good flagship. Since the device is a bit heavier, users might be interested to know about HTC One M8's rigidity if it ends up getting thrown on the solid ground.

This HTC One M8 drop test shows the video where David Rahimi drops the device thrice: on its back, edge, and once on its face. As the corners affect the glass the most and you may expect the front glass to be more fragile, this drop test shows the screen getting no scratches or breakage when dropped on the back or edges. However, direct blow on the front might give you a bundle full of scratches.

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See the HTC One M8 drop test video for yourself if you wish to buy the smartphone.

HTC One M8 drop test:

HTC One M8 Scratch and Hammer test:

Here is another HTC One M8 video test which shows how One 2014 keeps up to a few blows of the hammer. Please, don't try it at home!

HTC One M8 water resistance:

And finally, here is how long can HTC One M8 sustain in water, if any.

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