Pre-Register for Sandbox Medieval Warfare Game Conqueror’s Blade Beta; Gets New Gameplay Trailer

conqueror's blade

Pre-registration for the  Conqueror's Blade beta, the highly anticipated “world” sandbox medieval warfare title for PC has opened, and a brand-new gameplay trailer has been released.

The game aims to “recreate vast medieval civilizations and showcases their legendary weapons and fighting styles in a massive, immersive arena of war where players team up to command powerful armies in the pursuit of territory and glory.”

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You can watch the new gameplay trailer for Conqueror's Blade down below.

The ultimate goal of Conqueror's Blade is to conquer the world. To this end, players will wage war against other players in solo and team battles to earn resources and improve their forces. The game is designed to replicate the brutal experience of an ancient medieval battlefield. Each player is a general commanding a legion comprised of dozens of troops, and up to 1,000 troops can battle onscreen simultaneously. Players control their general to defeat enemy legions, and coordinate with generals from friendly forces. Field equipment such as cannons or ballistae can also be controlled by the player in battle.

Outside of battle, the world of Conqueror's Blade is comprised of cities and resources. The world provides all the resources players will need to upgrade, like materials to produce a legion. To obtain resources, players must occupy the cities and villages where they are located and defend them, so competition to conquer these areas forms the primary goal for players in the game.

Those interested can pre-register for the game’s beta test by visiting the official website and click the pop-up "Apply for Beta Test" button on the sidebar.

The game was announced at this year’s E Conqueror's Blade 3 event, and global publishing of Conqueror's Blade can be expected soon.

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