Warhaven Is a Multiplayer Game About Medieval Sword & Sorcery Fights; CBT Starts Soon on PC


Roughly thirteen months ago, towards the end of an article dedicated to NEXON CEO's anti-crunch statements, we mentioned a series of games in development at the Korean company. One of them was Project Magnum, now known as The First Descendant, and another was called Project HP, which today received its official title of Warhaven.

Warhaven is a 16v16 competitive combat action game set in a medieval fantasy world where sword, sorcery, and archery intertwine. Developed by the team behind Vindictus and Durango: Wild Lands, it'll soon be playable on PC via Steam thanks to a Global Closed Beta set to take place between October 12th (2 AM CEST) and November 2nd (8 AM CEST). All you need to do to get in is request access via the Steam page, which also mentions the full system requirements.

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Check out more info and a gorgeous reveal trailer for Warhaven below.


  • Pick out a medieval weapon of your choice to strike down foes up close. Swords, spears, maces, war hammers, bows, and arrows will all be yours.
  • Take control of ballistae, cannons, and siege engines to storm enemy bases and cut them down. Make every clang of metal count.


  • Contest objectives across gorgeous medieval-fantasy landscapes, complete with lighting and weather changes.
  • Experience Warhaven's unique twists on your favorite PvP game modes. Jump into Onslaught, where you capture the flag and push back enemy fronts. Swing away in Skirmish, where each base secured means more war toys at your disposal. Compete in Arms Race where you protect prized war machines and advance into enemy territories.


  • Play as a team to ensure victory. Squad up with 3 friends and join others to become a team of 16.
  • Strategize among squads to cover different areas and be the first to secure tactical advantages such as war cannons, ballistae, and siege engines; each squad will need to pull their own weight to ensure the whole team's victory.


  • Gain supernatural powers by transforming into powerful heroes known as Immortals.
  • Step onto the battlefield as a soldier, and evolve into an Immortal to unleash magical havoc and mayhem on a completely different scale. Test out each Immortal to change up your gaming experience.


  • Customize your character to be the most lavish knight on the field. Victories guarantee stunning rewards that allow you to shine and march forward into battle in style.
  • Choose between medieval, fantastical, and also tactical gear styles for a truly unique look you'll love and enemies will envy.


  • Experience the sounds of beauty and devastation with an all-new original soundtrack for Warhaven, composed by award-winning maestro Inon Zur.

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