How to Disable and Enable 120Hz Refresh Rate on iPhone 13 Pro Models

Ali Salman
Disable 120Hz Refresh Rate ProMotion Display on iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have finally arrived after resting in the rumor mill for a while. The new flagships boast a plethora of new additions and one of the most prominent is a 120Hz ProMotion display. The new display technology will allow users to navigate the interface smoothly and it will also play a major role when it comes to mobile gaming. However, one of the major drawbacks of a higher refresh display is reduced battery life. Apple says that it is dynamically varying the screen's refresh based on the content. Nonetheless, you can always disable the 120Hz refresh rate on iPhone 13 Pro models if it is not working out for you.

Disable iPhone 13 Pro's 120Hz Refresh Rate ProMotion Display

While the new display is a shiny new addition that most of us have been waiting for and come to love, it is great to see that Apple has given users the option to turn it off. We have not tested if disabling off the 120Hz display will save battery life. If you are having issues, we would recommend you follow these tips to enhance your iPhone battery life. This is how you can disable and enable the 120Hz refresh rate display on your iPhone 13 Pro models.

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1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Select Accessibility.

3. Tap on Motion.

4. Scroll down and find the "Limit Frame Rate" toggle. You can disable or enable it according to your needs.

Disable 120Hz Refresh Rate ProMotion Display on iPhone 13 Pro Max

This is all that you have to do in order to disable or enable the iPhone 13 Pro's 120Hz refresh rate display. You can also search "Limit Frame Rate" in the Search panel on the Home screen when you swipe down. As mentioned earlier, we are not sure if it will save battery life on your iPhone. Moreover, when you turn the toggle off, the display's refresh rate would revert to 60Hz.

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