PlayStation 5 Social Features Allow Players To Open Their Gaming Experience Wider, Oddworld Creator Says

Francesco De Meo
PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 yet to be announced social features will allow developers to do some clever things that will let players open their gaming experience wider, according to the Oddworld series creator.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine (via VGC), Lorne Lanning highlighted how the PlayStation 5 social features will bring user connectivity and sharing features to the next level without "having to go to the web".

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I think we’re going to see in this generation a lot more of that interlaced, where you’re not leaving the console as much to go get the other data… It’ll be really interesting to see how much the audience takes to it and what they do with it, and what developers do with it.

To get into the sharing capabilities, the social stuff that’s been built into PS5 – I’m still not sure how much I can really talk about… I want to be careful, but they’re doing a lot more things that are like, enabling you to sort of open your experience a little wider to your human network of people that you’re connected with.

Lorne Lanning also touched upon the dynamic game hints that have been originally revealed through an older PlayStation 5 patent. This system will provide help if players get stuck in a game, but it will also monitor players having difficulty. This system will also extend into other networks and people, providing more information on how to improve at a specific game or how to get past a particularly difficult spot.

Very little is currently known about the PlayStation 5 user interface. Last month, we learned that the instant access system that has been teased by Mark Cerny months back will be called Activities. In WCR9, the system will allow instant access from the menu to races and other parts of the game.

The PlayStation 5 releases later this year worldwide. Pre-orders have yet to open, but customers in the US can register on the official website to get the chance to be among the first to pre-order the next-gen console from Sony.

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