Jumpshare: Your Answer to All the WFH File Sharing and Team Collaboration Woes

Rafia Shaikh & Abdullah Saad
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In a year when several businesses have started considering the work-from-home model even after the end of most of the government-imposed lockdowns and quarantines, it has become critical to have the right software support to be able to productively and conveniently work from home. The good news is that freelancers and globally distributed teams had already pushed companies and entrepreneurs to rethink tools and products that enable a work environment that isn't reliant on face to face communications and access to company's onsite tools, services, and resources.

One of the biggest concerns when working out of a traditional workplace environment is team collaborations. While you can talk to each other through a growing number of video conferencing tools, including some services that now enable hundreds of team members to be on the same call, how do you share the work with each other without worrying about if everyone has the right software to support the correct file types or if the file is too big to be shared through email or the chosen software.

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Meet Jumpshare - the solution to all the team file sharing problems

Jumpshare is a file sharing service that goes beyond just sharing your files. To enable team collaborations, Jumpshare allows you to record screens, gifs, and take annotated screenshots to help you share ideas and concepts across your team and get their feedback through the same tools.

One notable feature is that the person you are sharing your file with doesn't need to have a Jumpshare account to be able to open the shared files. You can share the link and it will simply open in a browser window on their PC or phone.

Once you have opened an account and set it up on your desktop, you can enable auto-sharing of screenshots, which can then be easily shared with your team or with anyone through a link. Jumpshare also allows you to see who viewed your files, when, and from where through instant alerts in the app or via email. A feature that could help the creator get feedback or follow up with people.

Screenshot: Jumpshare

Setting up Jumpshare

Setting up Jumpshare is pretty straightforward. Sign up on the website, which gets you access to everything from analytics to inbox. But, to get the most of Jumpshare, you will have to download the app for your Windows/macOS device and your iPhone (if you want access on the go).

The phone app has a pretty clean UI that lets you not only take photos but upload files, and
annotate photos and documents. Sharing is also easy with the app allowing you to share the links through email or other apps. Comment section is neatly organized that helps you quickly communicate and discuss with all stakeholders using threaded comments and @mentions.

Similarly, the desktop app allows you drag and drop your files, share them easily, take screenshots, annotate them, record screencasts or gifs, and more.

Pricing and plans

Jumpshare offers several pricing plans, including the Basic one that is offered for absolutely no charges whatsoever. The Basic plan is good enough for most starting freelancers or those who don't need to share or store big files too frequently. Jumpshare Basic plan gets you:

  • 2 GB of space
  • 250 MB file upload limit
  • 30 seconds screen recording
  • Ability to capture unlimited screenshots
  • Basic search
  • iPhone app
  • Windows and macOS apps
  • OAuth via Google
  • Secure Sharing (SSL)

Next is the Plus plan which gives you everything from Basic, but with 1TB of space, 1GB file upload limit, unlimited screen recording, analytics, group comments, self destruct files, and more. Jumpshare Plus plan costs $8.25/month. Jumpshare says that the Plus account is perfect for individuals "who want to get the most out of Jumpshare."

If you want to have it all for your entire team, the Business plan includes everything in Plus with 2 TB of space and no limits on file upload. The Business plan gets every team member their own account with a shared library for internal collaboration and management. It also gets you priority support, unlimited team members, user management and permissions, along with other features that could enable any business to create a robust collaborative environment that isn't limited by data or communication hiccups. The Business plan costs $12.50 per user per month.

All in all, Jumpshare manages to streamline the whole file sharing fiasco that hasn't yet been resolved by any major tech company. Instead of sharing a project file through one service (that then opens through another service), sending reminders for feedback using an email client, and having discussion on an ongoing project through yet another service, you can simply use one platform to do it all.

More details on features and pricing plans available over at the Jumpshare website.  


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