Here’s How You Can Remove The Notch From The iPhone X’s Home And Lock Screen


Apple announced its flagship smartphone of the year back in September. While the company is struggling with supply constraints at the moment, its launch was set to kick off on November 3. Now, it has been exactly a week since the device has been launched after resting in hype for more than a year. The device featured a radical design change with an all-glass edge-to-edge display design housing powerful internals and advanced technology that might take some time for the competition to follow. However, the Super Retina Display of the device gathered mixed opinions in the initial days as it embedded a notch at the top. Now, we will show you a way through which you can remove the notch from the Home and Lock screen of your iPhone X. So let's dive right in.

Remove The iPhone X Notch With This Intelligently Designed Wallpaper

As we have mentioned earlier, the display of the device raised many straightforward questions regarding the notch. While it seems to get in the way of the viewer, some learned to ignore it. Apart from this, the iPhone X received positive reviews from the world, complementing the quality of the display and whatnot.

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Nonetheless, if you want to remove the iPhone X notch, there's a simple trick involved.  the trick is so simple that it's almost equivalent to changing the wallpaper. If the notch at the top of the iPhone is annoying you, you can simply remove it, at least from the Home and Lock screens. Today, Alex Huberman shared a new wallpaper on Twitter that removes the notch from the iPhone X's display.

To make it work, all you have to do is download the wallpaper from here and set it as your Home and Lock screen wallpaper. Huberman notes that in order for the wallpaper to fulfill its purpose, apply it as a Still image. In addition to this, pinch the image and drag it as far as it goes. Then apply the changes necessary to make it your wallpaper. The wallpaper is the same as the stock Live wallpaper that ships with the iPhone X.

The notch at the top portion of the display houses a handful of sensors and these sensors contribute to what the device really is. For instance, coupled with all the basic tech like the ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and more, Apple also incorporated a TrueDepth Camera responsible for making a depth map of your face which allows Face ID to work. In addition to this, the technology is also involved in making Animoji work seamlessly and perfectly.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the matter? Share your views in the comments.