PlanetSide 2 The Shattered Warpgate Out Now on PC, Later This Month on PS4

The Shattered Warpgate

Rogue Planet Games announced the release of The Shattered Warpgate update for PlanetSide 2 on PC, while the same update will be available at the end of October on PlayStation 4.

As we discussed in our interview with the developers, The Shattered Warpgate adds a sort of 'Campaign' system to PlanetSide 2, though the missions linked to it will still take place in the multiplayer sandbox world of the MMOFPS. The continent of Esamir also got a huge overhaul in this update, and there's a brand new Mission System, too. Take a look at the patch highlights below, or read the full changelog on the official PlanetSide 2 forums.

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With The Shattered Warpgate update, we introduce our first-ever "Campaign" to the game.
The story of The Shattered Warpgate centers around the detonation of a Warpgate in northeastern Esamir. Nanite Systems spearheads the investigation into the mysteries surrounding the event, and enlists the help of soldiers across all empires to help return stability to the land.

What's a Campaign?

  • A Campaign is a multi-staged progression of the in-game world that takes place over several Chapters.
  • Participating in a Campaign will unlock lore-driven story missions that explore the evolving war on Auraxis, and the minds of those behind it.
  • Campaigns and their Chapters are specifically crafted to be completed without an extensive time commitment; and the events therein are meant to exist alongside the normal day-to-day gameplay of the world.

What's a Chapter?

  • Chapters are time-locked segments of a Campaign, and cannot be repeated, or participated in if you miss out.
  • Each Chapter tells a separate portion of the overarching story, and the world continues to evolve with each Chapter.
  • There are multiple "Events" (similar to Missions) that must be completed before a Chapter is considered complete.

Campaign Rewards and Equipment

  • Campaigns and their Chapters each have rewards available on completion. A Chapter's rewards are unlocked when all of the Chapter Events are completed, and a Campaign's rewards are unlocked when each Chapter within the Campaign is completed.
  • Additionally, new equipment is available during a Campaign, some of which may be unlocked with Campaign Standing.
  • Campaign Standing is earned by participating in Chapter Events, as well as Campaign Side-missions (explained more in the Mission section.)

Unlocking the Campaign
The certification cost of a Campaigns scales with Battle Rank, and players with an active membership gain access automatically. When a Campaign is unlocked, it remains unlocked for all subsequent Chapters, and unlocking a Campaign with certifications must be done per character.

Esamir Upheaval
The continent of Esamir has gone through many changes since you last saw it. The Northeastern Warpgate has been destroyed, and in its wake are the time-frozen remains of an ancient Vanu structure, and a vortex of energy pouring into the sky.

  • New Skybox: Esamir has gotten colder with an overcast sky, the auroras have gotten brighter, and the sky shudders with cracks of lightning overhead.
  • Abandoned Bases: Due to hardline failures and defunct technology, many bases on Esamir have been abandoned for the snow to reclaim.
  • Disabled Vehicles: Disabled during the explosion, derelict vehicles can be found scattered throughout Esamir, and with the right tech, able to be reclaimed.
  • New and Modified Bases: After the collapse, empires scrambled to modify and construct new bases to accommodate the changed environment.
  • New Warpgate Location: Nanite Systems has unveiled new "Haven" technology that acts as a pseudo-Warpgate for the eastern portion of Esamir.
  • Revamped Lattice: The lattice has been reconfigured to conform to the new environment, and bases now tend to be fewer and farther between.
  • Environmental Hazard: An Electrical Storm roams the battlefield, calling down deadly lightning bolts and overloading vehicle systems.

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