Wccftech CPU Liquid Cooler GIVEAWAY Sponsored by Phanteks & Asetek

Jason R. Wilson

Asetek, the company that created the AIO liquid cooler and the leader in liquid cooling for DIY enthusiasts and gamers, has collaborated with OEM partner Phanteks to create the Glacier One 240T30 AIO CPU cooler, a premium CPU cooler with unbelievable performance. With performance of 360mm in a 240mm build, overclocking and next-level gaming is no problem for this diverse CPU liquid cooler.

Now, readers of Wccftech have a chance to win the high-performance Phanteks Glacier One 240T30 All-in-one liquid cooler powered by Asetek Gen7 pump technology!

With the Glacier One 240T30, our goal was to provide our customers with the most advanced 240mm closed-loop CPU cooler on the market. Asetek was the ideal partner given its recognized leadership in liquid cooling, and proven quality and reliability.

—Boon T. Khor, Lead Designer, Phanteks

WCCFTech CPU Liquid Cooler GIVEAWAY Sponsored by Phanteks & Asetek

The Glacier One 240T30 offers a 120x240x38mm radiator to allow for the ultimate performance when combining Phanteks’ powerful new 120mm high performance T30-120 fans. The T30-120 fans showcase an LCP frame and blades with a 0.5mm continuous blade tip clearance. Utilizing Dual Vapo bearing technology with magnetic levitation, the Glacier One 240T30 offers a three-phase motor to combine the best aerodynamic design along with high-class components. The theory behind the larger radiator is to allow for an increase of the fin depth and maximization of the surface area for unbelievable heat dissipation. Phanteks T30-120 fans are the ultimate complement to the superpowered 240mm radiator, delivering high speed air flow and top of the line cooling.

  • Enjoy 360mm performance in a thicker, build-friendly 240mm radiator size, complete with Phanteks best-in-class premium T30 fans.
  • The fans rest atop a 38mm radiator that provides a large surface area and high-density fin stack for superior cooing performance.
  • Out-of-Bounds temperature sensing technology, allowing the cooler to continuously monitor the temperature of the liquid and immediately boost the speed of the pump to clear any temperature excursions for a smooth system operation for an immersive gameplays.
  • DRGB lighting and an infinity mirror on the pump cap with aluminum faceplates.
  • The company's most silent running liquid cooler compared to previous generations.
  • Safety features that ensure the liquid temperature maintains safe limits for ultimate operation.
  • System improvements enhancing not only permeation resistance, but also increased durability at all times.

"We were thrilled to take on the challenge when Phanteks approached us with the idea of creating a 240mm CPU cooler capable of 360mm performance. By working together, we were able to combine innovations to bring a first-of-its-kind cooling solution to Phanteks’ customers."

John Hamill, Chief Operating Officer, Asetek

Kick up the performance of your current or future build with robust cooling chops and elegant good looks.

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