Pangu Gets v1.1 – Adds Mac and English Support and Compromises More Exploits

The popular jailbreak tool Pangu has just received an update today. Looks like the Chinese team behind the tool has decided to step away from the controversy that developed surrounding v1.0's release. The Pangu v1.0 release used exploits found by Steven Esser. Steven Esser, a.k.a i0n1c shared the exploits with his iOS hacking class. These exploits were later used by Pangu v1.0 to jailbreak the iOS 7.1.1. Mr. Esser wasn't too pleased about this and expressed his displeasure through twitter.

Pangu v1.1 Uses New Exploits. Also Features Support For Mac And An English Interface.

So now the developers behind Pangu v1.1 have decided to replace i0n1c's exploits in favor of new ones. It should be kept in mind that this update comes perhaps just days or a week before iOS 7.1.2's release. The iOS 7.1.2 has already been seeded to carriers. You can find out more about that here. Its surprising that the team behind Pangu has chosen to do release the update this early. This means that they've just wasted two perfectly good exploits. Apple could now choose to patch them in the next update, given that they weren't already patched before. Mr. Esser also had something to say about this.

Mr. Esser goes further and alleges that the Pangu team purchased the new exploits and then replaced them with the ones he taught in his training class. SE3

So there's a mini controversy for you. Whatever the case, the new Pangu v1.1 is out there for your using, to jailbreak the iOS 7.1.1. Like the previous version for Windows, v1.1 works with iPhone 4 - iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5G, iPads Air - Air 4 and iPad Retina and Retina Mini. It also optimizes file size and adds online self verification. It adds support for Apple's Mac OS, an English interface, removes the Chinese pirated App Store which came with v1.0 and of course, uses new exploits. Enjoy.





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