The OxygenOS Open Beta 21 And 13 Is Being Rolled Out For OnePlus 6/6T And It Offers Users A More Optimized Experience

OxygenOS Open Beta

OxygenOS Open Beta for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T is now available and has also been announced on the official OnePlus forums. This upgrade brings with it a myriad of features and updates, especially various optimizations for apps and system controls. Some apps have been given more attention than the others in order to improve overall user experience. An example of such an application is the new Screen Recorder Feature and Weather app.

OxygenOS Open Beta Latest Updates For Apps

With the Screen Recorder you will get more control of the recording and hence improving the overall experience. The Weather app has also been the receiver of some updates. Scrolling between pages is better than ever and now you can even rearrange the cities in a more quick and effective manner. You can even use the app, without using your GPS location. Other chances include a much improved contact search, optimization of Quick Responses and much more. Here are highlights of what the OxygenOS Open Beta 21 and 13 have in store for the OnePlus 6 and 6T users:

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  •  General bug fixes and improvements in stability

 Screen Recorder

  •  Added FPS (Frames per second) option gives users increased control over recording effects


  •  Enhanced scrolling experience for switching between pages
  •  Weather cards for multiple cities can be rearranged or deleted by tap and hold functions
  •  Optimized user experience by allowing users to use the app, without giving access to GPS location


  •  Improved animation effects when switching between pages
  •  Improved experience for contact searches
  •  Optimized Quick Responses for declined calls and supported editing for Quick Responses

If you are enrolled for the OxygenOS Open Beta program for your OnePlus 6 and 6T, then you will be getting the updates pretty soon. The OTA is being rolled out and if you haven’t yet received it, then no need to worry. Just go to your Settings, select System Updates and refresh and you are good to go.

News Source: OxygenOS Open beta for OnePlus 6/6T improves Screen Recorder, Weather, more

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