Want to Add More Ports to Your 2016 MacBook Pro? OWC DEC Has You Covered All the Way


The announcement of the 2016 MacBook Pro wasn’t without its fair share of controversy especially when you talked about the removal of the SD card slot and pretty much every other port there is and replacing them with Thunderbolt 3. Though you cannot deny the versatile nature of Thunderbolt 3, we are at this transitionary phase where users will find it extremely difficult to cope with the new notebook. However, the OWC DEC has an ideal solution for you with a huge drawback; it will massively increase the bulk of your MacBook Pro.

The OWC DEC Improves Port Compatibility and Increases the Total Amount of Storage for Added Flexibility

The exterior finish of the MacBook Pro is the best in the industry and the OWC DEC matches the exact same finish of the machine so you never have to feel that you’re purchasing an odd product. OWC makes custom products for Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup so it isn’t surprising that this is dedicated for the latest notebook lineup. According to OWC, its DEC is going to be as thin as a 2012 MacBook Pro, which to remind you measured in at a thickness of 0.95 inches.

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According to the manufacturer, the DEC will grant the 2016 MacBook Pro owner with a monumental 4TB of storage and it also brings back the SD card slot for creative professionals and content creators.

In addition, your USB peripherals will become compatible with the OWC DEC because it features USB A ports and an Ethernet port. The company claims that it will be adding more features in an updated model, but this current one is going to be shipped off to customers in the spring of 2017.

Disappointingly, OWC DEC’s pricing details have not been detailed, but if you’re getting this much expansion for your MacBook Pro, then it will definitely not be coming cheap.