OWC Introduces the U2 Shuttle, Offering A Variety Of Capacities

U2 Shuttle
Source: OWC

OWC has introduced the world's first U.2 Carrier Shuttle for 3.5-inch drive bays, and the OWC U2 Shuttle features the ability to combine four NVMe M.2 SSDs, offering both a fantastic data transfer speed and a larger capacity. This device is currently available on the OWC website with a price range from $149.00 up to $3,379, with a capacity ranging from 0 GB up to 16 TB.

OWC's U2 Shuttle offers a wide variety of capacities of up to 16 TB with fast data transfer speeds

OWC's U2 Shuttle is the world's first U.2 Carrier Shuttle, which can fit into a 3.5-inch drive mounting location; and This device is perfect for media production and content creators the larger optional capacity and fast data transfer speed. This device features the ability to connect up to four NVMe M.2 SSDs. This device can come with NVMe SSDs installed or as just the device itself; this allows for a much higher amount of customizability for this device's maximum storage. This device is NVMe Server ready, offering rapid data transfer speeds.

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Source: OWC

Larry O'Connor, CEO and Founder of OWC, stated, "The OWC U2 Shuttle boldly goes where no drive has gone before; it's perfect for media production workflows as it eliminates tedious, time-consuming drive enclosure disassembly or costly fees for shipping an entire enclosure to get a day's shoot to post-production. Just ship the lightweight OWC U2 Shuttle to the post-lab and swap it in quickly and economically."

Some of the fantastic features that easily sets the U2 Shuttle apart from other NVMe enclosures, some of these features include the easy RAID options, the compatibility with a variety of different OWC products, and the ability to easily swap this device out with nearly any 3.5" drives. These devices are ideal for media production. The compact design increases the portability while increasing the capability with different OWC devices.

This device offers various capacities, ranging from 1 TB up to 16 TB, with a model with no NVMe SSDs installed. The DIY enclosure has a price of $149, with the 1 TB model has a price of $339, while the largest model, the 16 TB, comes at a price of $3,379. These models are all currently available through the OWC website.

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