OnePlus 7 Pro Price ‘Leak’ Suggests An Alleged $799 Starting Tag

OnePlus 7 Pro triple camera confirmed

Not a day goes by that we don't see a leak for the OnePlus 7 Pro. After having entered the US market last year through T-Mobile, OnePlus is now looking to solidify its presence in the country. The OnePlus 7 Pro might help it achieve this, as the gadget will target high-end flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup and Apple's iPhones. Naturally, if the smartphone is going to be a flagship, it'll have a hefty price and today we've got alleged pricing and specifications leak for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Take a look below for more details.

Upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro Will Start At Approximately $799 And Feature A 90Hz Display Suggests Latest Report For The Smartphone

We've got a detailed 'leak' for the OnePlus 7 Pro today, that might not be completely correct. Similar specifications for the smartphone have surfaced before and been called into question by reputable sources. Still, as it's our job to keep you updated with the latest situation on the rumor mill, bear with us. Additionally, today's leak is also important because it mentions the price for the upcoming smartphone and its three storage variants.

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As we've been regularly telling you, the OnePlus 7 Pro will feature several heavy-duty specifications. These include a 7nm processor, UFS 3.0 storage and an HDR10+ display. While reports (including today's) have also claimed a 90Hz display for the smartphone, we'd advise you to take this tidbit of information with a grain of salt. Now, a report for the smartphone's alleged pricing and storage variants has surfaced. This suggests that the OnePlus 7 Pro might have a starting price of approximately $799.


The details are from the ever-reliable, but we'd still advise you to not take them as 100% set in stone. Some of the information, such as battery capacity for the OnePlus 7 Pro, might turn out different in five days from now. Alongside the specifications, the publication has shared information for the OnePlus 7 Pro's three storage + RAM configurations and their respective prices. These are:

Configuration: Euros: USD (Converted):
6GB RAM, 128GB Storage: 699 782
8GB RAM, 256GB Storage: 749 832
12GB RAM, 256GB Storage: 819 916


For comparison, Samsung's Galaxy S10+ starts at $999 and Apple's iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099. However, both Samsung and Apple's smartphones are well-established brands with a strong market (carrier) presence in the US. This naturally elicits customer confidence, with folks comfortably able to shell out the big bucks. Will OnePlus be able to compete against this? That's the big question on everyone's mind as we head to the 14th of this month.

Whatever the case is, we'll be here with all the latest news. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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