OnePlus’ Upcoming OnePlus 6 Will Feature 5 Layers Of Nanotech Glass Coating At The Back Confirms CEO Pete Lau

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Well, folks, the OnePlus 6 is back. After a brief pause, the company feels gracious once again and provides us with critical external design details for the upcoming smartphone. Hype for the OnePlus 6 is at record levels, despite the smartphone's sporadic appearances on the rumor mill. OnePlus' dedicated fan base loves the company and sees an adequate response from the manufacturer as well. So, if you're wondering what aesthetics will make it on the OnePlus 6, wonder no more and head on below to find out.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Confirms That The Smartphone Will Feature A Glass Back With A High-End Feel

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is back today, with some more details for the upcoming OnePlus 6. Previously, he shared some important tidbits for the smartphone. The most important of these related to storage and RAM details. Lau has confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will also come in a 256GB internal storage variant that features 8GB of RAM.

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Additionally, he jumped in the middle of the notch debate by confirming an option for users to hide it by blacking out the surrounding screen area. Now, Mr. Lau is eager to share some details for the OnePlus 6's back build and the company's design philosophy.

In a fresh blog post, he starts off by stressing the importance of minute details in gadget design. Lau then proceeds to highlight his company's design philosophy for the OnePlus 6 and some elements that have stayed consistent over the years. These include a 'signature horizon line' and a precise curve at the device's rear.

However, these aren't the important details related to today's reveal. If you're interested in them and want to learn more about the company's approach, head over to the source link below. What we're concerned with is the revelation that the OnePlus 6 will use glass as its rear material.

Previous leaks suggested that the company might use a brushed metal or wood grain texture for the device, but now, Mr. Lau puts them to rest. What's more is that he even goes ahead and gives out build details for this material.

According to him, the OnePlus 6's back will use an industry first glass with five layers of nanotech coating. For the uninitiated, a nanotech coating provides superior resistance against the elements and removes the need for solvents to clean the surface.

Mr. Lau believes that the additional layers of nanotech (most companies use only three, according to him), will lend the OnePlus 6 a superior feel and depth. This is aimed to satiate even the company's most 'demanding' customers.

A glass back also blends in with wireless charging, another feature that will make it on the OnePlus 6. So far, the device sounds impressive. Let's hope it can kill some flagships this year. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: OnePlus

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