A Fresh, Trusted OnePlus 6 Image Shows Superb Brushed Metal/Wood Grain Design And A 3.5mm Earphone Jack In Latest Leak


Well folks, we've got a big one today. As Xiaomi's done with the Mix 2s, now there are only a handful of devices left to surface on the proverbial rumor mill. The information for the Mix 2s was spot on, as Xiaomi followed our predictions almost to the letter. Now that the Mix 2s is here, another device features regularly in leaks. The OnePlus 6 was the subject of an impressive GeekBench score a while back. It got viewers talking, that's for sure. Well, if you're a fan or like to stay up to date on all things smartphone, we've got another leak today. Take a look below for the details.

 The OnePlus 6 Surfaces In Latest, Alleged Image Leak From Very Reliable Source; Displays Amazing Material Use For Its Back And Retains Everyone's Favorite 3.5mm Earphone Jack

Over the past couple of years, a couple of features have become consistent for flagship smartphones. Out of these, one of the most critical is design or what the general public takes as aesthetics. Apple upgraded how gadgets are perceived and the industry followed. Now, nearly every high-end manufacturer launches smartphones with unique build materials and/or sleek forms.

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Factoring in today's leak, looks like OnePlus will also join the list with the OnePlus 6. Legendary tipster Evan Blass is back, and this time he graces the OnePlus 6 with his attention. An image allegedly belonging to the smartphone is available from Blass, and it shows a fantastic build and form for it.

Yes folks, you're seeing it right. The OnePlus 6 appears to have a fantastic design if the device above is not using any skin. We don't think it is; as the writing on its lower back reads 'Designed by OnePlus'. The finish appears as either brushed metal or wood grain - both of which are fantastic options to choose from. If we believe that this image is authentic, then it is good to see OnePlus unafraid of experimentation. This is the company which loves Lava Red and Sandstone after all.

Finally, another critical feature visible on today's image is its 3.5mm earphone jack. OnePlus did not remove the feature on its latest 5T, and the trend will continue with the OnePlus 6. Safe to say, looks like we're in for a good 2018, with less popular manufacturers stealing the show. The latest example of this phenomenon is an 8GB RAM variant of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. Will OnePlus deliver? We'll find out soon enough. Till then stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

News Source: Evan Blass