The OnePlus 6 Is Available For Testing Before Launch; Company’s Lab Offer Will Allow 15 Users To Review And Keep The Device

Ramish Zafar

Talking in emotional terms, the OnePlus 6 is one moody smartphone. Sometimes, it features multiple times on the rumor mill, in a single day. At others, it's absent for weeks. Right now, we're facing a similar draught. After consistent appearances on both official and unofficial channels throughout April, the device is now taking a breather.

Not that we're complaining, as these leaks have provided adequate details to form a complete picture of the OnePlus 6. Now, if you're looking forward to getting one for yourself, we've got an amazing offer straight from OnePlus. Head over below for the details.

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OnePlus Announces Its 'Lab' Program; 15 Lucky Users Will Be Selected To Test And Keep The OnePlus 6 Prior To Its Launch

If there's one thing that sets OnePlus apart from every other company out there, it's attention paid to users. OnePlus loves its fans and takes their feedback into serious consideration, often implementing or holding out on features. The best example of this is the company's decision to include the 3.5mm earphone jack on the OnePlus 5T.

Now, OnePlus has announced its Lab program which will allow lucky users to test the upcoming OnePlus 6 before it's official. This is a great opportunity for folks looking to get their hands on the device before it launches. It will also allow OnePlus direct, hands-on contact with market users who are not confined to a design or development environment.

As to what you'll be testing, we've got a fair idea of what to expect from the OnePlus 6. The company will make sure that its device keeps up and even outperforms nearly every Android flagship smartphone on the market. Leaks for the OnePlus 6 started off from benchmarks. Both GeekBench and Antutu leaks display fantastic scores for the smartphone.

Now, after OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 6 will feature a variant with 8GB RAM, the smartphone's potential benchmark leads will not surprise. Finally, the OnePlus 6 will carry a display cutout as well. Users will also have the option to hide this by blacking out the surrounding screen. The device will run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 and we might even get high-end finishes on its back.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: OnePlus

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