Price Drop for Older Pixels – Here’s Why You Should Consider Buying 1st Gen Pixel and Pixel XL

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With the launch of Google Pixel 2, the prices of 2016 Pixels have been dropped by $100. The Pixel 2016 (standard variant) can now be purchased for $549 while the Pixel XL 2016 (standard variant) is available at $669.

However, if you want to go for 128GB version, then you have to add another $100. Google has made its strategy pretty clear that with every new Pixel launch, the pricing of the previous models will go down. Now, we don't know how good the new Pixels are, but if you want to save money, then the Pixel 2016 is a good alternative.

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The updated pricing for the 1st-gen Pixel goes like this - $549 for the Pixel 32GB, $649 for the Pixel 128GB, $669 for the Pixel XL 32GB, and $769 for the Pixel XL 128GB. You can find this new pricing on the Google Store. 

Why you should consider buying it

Tech has not improved that much since the launch of the first gen Pixel devices. Sure, we see a lot of improvements on the new Pixels, but for the most part, the older Pixels are not far behind.

Last year, Google Pixel phones received accolades for its high-quality cameras, speedy performance, and pure Android experience. The Google Pixel features a 5-inch 1080p FHD AMOLED screen while the Google Pixel XL comes with a 5.5-inch 2K resolution QHD AMOLED screen. Both the phones boast aluminium body, 4GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, 12.3MP rear camera, and an 8MP front-facing camera.

For all it matters, if you want to buy one of the best Android phones ever created then now is the time to make a choice. If you're confused between the new and old Pixels then you can check out our comparison of the new Pixels with 1st-gen Pixels.

What do you think about the Pixel and Pixel XL price drop? Are you planning to buy one of these phones? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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