NZXT Launches New Digital PSU line, 500W, 650W, 850W,

Today NZXT has announced a new line of PSUs which are digital ATX PSUs aimed at providing PC builders with all the bells and whistles of real-time power monitoring and control. The E Series lineup includes 500W, 650W, and 850W models, which are all 80Plus Gold certified and will be named NZXT E500, NZXT E650 and finally NZXT E850.

NZXT Releases New Digital ATX PSUs

For these PSUs, NZXT partnered with one of the most recognizable names in computer power suppliesSeasonic, and have worked with them to enhance their Focus+ Gold platform and PMBus architecture, adding a powerful Texas Instruments DSP and USB connectivity.

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“The PSU is a critical part of your PC. Our goal for creating smarter PC capable of automatically responding to the demands of the application--whether you are browsing the web, drafting email, or playing your favorite game--includes adding control and monitoring to devices that are integral to the system. Our E Series PSUs are another step in completing this vision. You can track the performance of the PSU in real time, monitor temperature and total power-on hours, and even enable multi-rail OCP for additional protection of key components using CAM--our innovative software solution at the heart of our smart PC.”

Johnny Hou - founder and CEO of NZXT.

One of the features they mention is they are using a powerful digital signal processor or a DSP, which provides the real-time wattage indicators for the three 12V rails as well as showing the total uptime and internal temperatures, as well as comparing CPU and GPU power draw to their rated TDP with CAM. The PSU also allows you to enable independent over-current protection (OCP) on the 12V output to the motherboard, CPU, and GPU giving you a bit of peace of mind.


The big news here is they are backed by a 10-year warranty which many other Seasonic made drives have promised in the past. It also allows a custom fan curve for your own needs and will automatically turn off when the PSU is only using 100W total.

Pricing And Availability

The NZXT E500, NZXT E650 and NZXT E850 will be priced at $125, $140 and $150 respectively while they will be released in EU and ROW in late July and are available now at

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