Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M Mobility Maxwell Flagship Landing in October this Year

We have received a pretty interesting update on Nvidia's Maxwell Mobility front. This mobility leak, as usual, comes from the user Cloudfire over at NotebookReview Forums. Apparently, the GTX 980M Flagship is landing in October this year. Since the release date of desktop Maxwell also coincides with this, and the information comes from a reliable source, I will not be tagging this post as a rumor and will treat it as confirmed.

Geforce 900 Series Mobility Maxwell - GTX 980M Flagship Shipping in October

Uptill  now we only knew that some new Geforce Mobility Cards were coming and that they were going to have Maxwell Counterparts as well. We now have a more or less a reliable lock on the release date of the main card as well. The New Nvidia cards are going to be landing in around October this year and are going to be a part of the new 900 series. The Geforce GTX 980m is going to be the flagship card of the whole bunch and though we do not have confirmation on lithography, it will most likely be Maxwell and the mobile variant of the GM204 die.

That said, I am not sure how this will fit in with the 880MX leaks we have been getting for a while now. Since if the dies are Maxwell then in all probability we are looking at 28nm node and if it is 28nm then the GTX 880MX was supposed to be the new mobility king. If the GTX 980M is instead making an appearance then does that mean we won't be seeing the MX series after all? Most Probably. Unless ofcourse, Nvidia goes completely bonkers and decides to go for another milking run instead, which would seem highly unlikely. Since the Mobility GPU, GTX 980M has a very distinctive name, not to mention a nomenclature flagship, as opposed to a transitional name such as being a variant of the preceding series with just 'MX' added, these GPUs are here to stay for a while. Now for some good old speculation on the upcoming Geforce 900 Series Mobility Cards Lineup:

  • Geforce GT 940M
  • Geforce GTX 950M
  • Geforce GTX 960M
  • Geforce GTX 970M
  • Geforce GTX 975M
  • Geforce GTX 980M (Ship Date: October)

The above list shows the probable lineup of 900 Series Mobility GPUs led by the GTX 980M and we might see some old rebrands in the lineup as well. Since we are looking at GM204 and even some first generation Maxwell dies the possible probable combinations are too numerous to list and will probably be wrong anyway, so I will refrain from doing that. The Maxwell 980M should offer a very substantial performance increase over the now aged GK104 die that was used in the 880M. We don't have anymore information at the moment but from the looks of it, we should be hearing more about the Geforce 900 Mobility Series soon enough.

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