Nvidia Geforce Mobility GTX 870MX Spotted – A Possible High End Maxwell Variant


[RUMOR] You know the drill, notice the rumor tag, continue. I received some very interesting information via a tipoff today. Apparently there is a very healthy discussion going on Notebookreview Forums about a strange anomaly in a retail poster. The said anomaly is an upcoming ASUS laptop and the interesting part is that it features a "GTX 870MX" ( as opposed to a GTX 870M which is GK104).Nvidia Coporation

Nvidia Geforce GTX 870 MX (Maxwell) Spotted in a Retail Poster for ASUS G750JS Laptop

The MX nomenclature naturally implies a Maxwell counterpart, since it would make no sense for Nvidia to re brand an 870M into 870MX. A really stupid rationalization could be that this an incorrectly described MXM GPU but in my opinion the chances of that are quite negligible. There are two probable scenarios on what happened, either we are getting the high end Maxwell mobility as a counter to the AMD R9 M295X or this is just a clerical typo. The GTX 870MX and 880MX were originally reserved for the 20nm Maxwell Mobility parts but I imagine that drastically changed after TSMC's hiccup. Now if these are indeed Maxwell chips then we are almost certainly looking at 28nm Maxwell, since latest reports indicated that the 20nm node is not mature enough for the fabrication of high  performance ASICs (GPUs in this case). I have attached the relevant portion of the poster, which is from ASUS Thailand by the way, below:ASUS Thailand GTX 870MX Maxwell

The nomenclature of the laptop in question is 'G750JS-T4108H' and a user on the forum accurately pointed out that the second half of the nomenclature tells an interesting story as well. The Laptop G750JS-T4104H (notice the 4H at the end) had a GTX 870M which used a Kepler Architecture (GK104). So the shift to T4108H could be another indication of a new architecture (or just a stock refresh). Needless to say I will be keeping an eye on this particular thread from now on and post any updated that might come. Here's to hoping that this wasn't just a silly typo.