NVIDIA GK110 Features 4GB Memory and 25% Performance Lift over GK104 – Launches around Q3 2012

Information from OBR's blog suggests that NVIDIA is aiming to launch its Next Generation Flagship GPU based on the GK110 chip in late Q3 2012. Along with the release date, A few key specifications such as memory configuration, die size and performance gain over the GK104 chip have also been detailed.

Its uncertain of what NVIDIA would name its GK110 based product since the 600 Series lineup is already stacked up with the GK104's, They could use a 700 Series brand which would allow them to be placed against upcoming AMD Sea Island 8*** Series GPU's.

The GK110 would feature a 4GB Memory buffer which would run across a 512-bit wide bus interface. The die size would be smaller than the GF110 but still around ~500mm2 . A total number of 2304 cores which would be split into 6 GPCs which would result in 2+ TFlops of Double Precision and upto 4TFlops of Single Precision Performance.

This would allow GK110 to maintain a 20-25% Performance lead over the GK104 chip (GTX 680). The performance numbers may vary from the retail product which launches around Q3 2012 (September - October). More details on the GK110 chip here.

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