NVIDIA GeForce Titan Is Not GTX 780 – Performance Surpasses GTX 690


GeForce Titan

A bucket load of rumors have hit the net with various chinese forums leaking details of NVIDIA's upcoming flagship mammoth 'GeForce Titan'. The NVIDIA GeForce Titan was leaked only a week ago showing that it NVIDIA would be launching a GK110 based consumer GPU at a price point of $899.

NVIDIA GeForce Titan - The Greatest GPU of 2013?

New details of the GeForce Titan have been revealed by RedQuasar forums. The very first information is that the GeForce Titan is not a GeForce 700 series product as some sites earlier speculated that it could be the GTX 780, a part of the Kepler refresh. However according to the leaked info, that is to be deemed false. The new card would just be known as GeForce Titan. The information suggests that the actual GeForce 700 series cards won't be out till June 2013 giving AMD an headstart with their Sea Islands HD 8000 lineup in Q2 2013.

The GeForce Titan is based on an early NVIDIA design product or architecture to be exact. It should be noted that the GK110 chip which the GeForce Titan is presumably based on first appeared in leaks going all the way back to Q1 2012 but was only available in 2H of 2013 as a Tesla offering in two parts, the K20 and K20X. The reason due to the long delay is said to be because the GK110 wasn't mature enough to be manufactured for consumers, but it is now however still the GeForce Titan would be available in limited capacity to consumers.

However the most interesting thing about the leak is this next piece of information which suggests that the Titan would end up with the performance level surpassing the dual core GeForce GTX 690. We know this much that any GPU featuring the GK110 would indeed be faster than the GTX 680 but better performance than the GTX 690 (if true) is seriously mind-boggling. In another leak, PHK from Expreview has leaked details showing that GeForce Titan has a PCB similar to GTX 680 but with a beefed up memory area which can confirm 6 GB 384-bit on the card itself and tells that the card has been listed in Hong Kong with arrival slated at then end of February.

We can't say how legit these rumors are but all sources are indicating that the GeForce Titan is going to bring massive performance when its launched and is truly going to be a titan amongst GPUs. February is going to be one interesting month.