NVIDIA GeForce Kepler Lineup To Be Expanded in 2H 2013 – Maxwell Arriving in Q1 2014

Our friends at Videocardz have some exclusive details regarding NVIDIA's plans to expand their GeForce Kepler lineup going in 2H of 2013. For some time it was known that NVIDIA won't release any new graphics card after the launch of their GeForce GTX 760 graphics card but turns out to be NVIDIA was just preparing for something better.

NVIDIA GeForce Kepler Lineup To Be Expanded in 2H 2013

While there's limited information regarding what new GeForce Kepler cards would be introduced but this could be NVIDIA's response to the upcoming Hawaii GPU from AMD. According to Videocardz, the upcoming GeForce Kepler based graphic cards would be based on the GK104, GK106 and GK208 architectures which probably mean more entry to mid-range cards. These are probably going to turn up as the GeForce GTX 750Ti, GTX 750, and the various other boost cards we got to see with the GeForce Kepler 600 series lineup.

But NVIDIA possibly has a well kept secret which they may be aiming to launch after AMD unleashes the Hawaii GPU. The card itself could be the final GPU of the GeForce Kepler lineup and one that ends up as the most fastest of all. A new High-End model based on the GK110 core seems to be in plans by NVIDIA which could be used as a deterrent against AMD's Hawaii GPU which is supposedly a "Titan Killer". This new card could be a single chip ultimate GK110 chip featuring the fully enabled 15 SMX GeForce Kepler core and a 12 GB GDDR5 memory as featured on the Quadro K6000 which is currently the worlds fastest professional graphics card. Or it could be a dual graphics solution called "GeForce GTX 790" based on two weaker GK110 cores but with a handsome amount of power over the GeForce GTX 690. At the end what NVIDIA plans to choose would almost certainly be unveiled in Fall 2013 provided that the report is true.

NVIDIA Maxwell Arriving in Q1 2014 To Rival Hawaii

With GeForce Kepler finally reaching its end lasting two years and bringing new heights to power efficiency in all of NVIDIA's GPU history, the company will in Q1 2014 release Maxwell. Maxwell powered by the new graphics architecture and featuring the Denver core for the first time would take performance on NVIDIA's front to the next level. Whether 20nm or 28nm, its obvious that the battle between Hawaii, Maxwell and GK110 itself is going to be pretty intense in the upcoming months.

The Hawaii GPU which itself falls under the Volcanic Islands series arrives in October with its announcement happening a month earlier in the Hawaii islands on 25th September 2013.

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