NVIDIA Unleashes Flagship Quadro K6000 Workstation GPU – Features GK110 With 2880 Cores and 12 GB Memory


NVIDIA, the leading manufacturer of professional graphic solutions has unleashed their flagship Quadro K6000 graphics card for the workstation market. After a long wait, workstation users would get their hands on a fully enabled GK110 based GPU that features large amount of cores and a huge memory pool enough to fullfill their computing needs.

NVIDIA GK110 Gets Fully Enabled on the Quadro K6000 Flagship Wrokstation GPU

From a technical perspective, the NVIDIA Quadro K6000 Workstation graphics card is the first graphics card to get a fully enabled GK110 graphics card featuring 2880 cuda cores, 256 Texture mapping units and 40 Raster operation units that's almost double to what's available on its predecessor, the Quadro K5000 which featured GK104 core architecture with 1536 cores. Do note that the GK110 has far better compute performance since it's primarily a computing chip rather a gaming one that GK104 was aimed at. In addition to that, the Quadro K6000 also comes with 12 GB of GDDR5 memory operating across a 384-bit interface and churning out a bandwidth of 288 GB/s. These specifications are vastly impressive for a single chip based professional solution and might end up near to that of a dual chip solutions available on AMD's Fire Pro lineup. Single precision performance of the card is rated at 5.2 TFLOPs.

The card has a TDP of 225W and display connectors include Dual DVI and Dual Display ports. The card comes with a blower fan cooler and a plastic shroud which is similar to the Quadro K5000 except the front label.  It should be noted that the a similar spec'd card can end up in the consumer scape as hinted month's ago. NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan was the first consumer version of the GK110 version with the GK110 chip of the fastest Tesla graphics card available at its time, the K20X. The next Titan could be based on the fully enabled GK110 with 2880 Cores and 12 GB of GDDR5 memory. We don't have any official details regarding this but anything's possible. For now you can see the press release regarding the Quadro K6000 Workstation GPU below:

Press Release

NVIDIA Unveils New Flagship GPU for Visual Computing

NVIDIA today unveiled the visual computing industry’s new flagship technology — the NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000 GPU, the fastest and most capable GPU ever built.

NVIDIA today also launched a new line of professional graphics GPUs for mobile workstations, delivering the highest levels of performance and graphics memory ever available on mobile platforms.

The Quadro K6000 GPU delivers five-times higher compute performance and nearly double the graphics capability of its predecessor, the NVIDIA Quadro 6000 GPU, and features the world’s largest and fastest graphics memory.

Combining breakthrough performance and advanced capabilities in a power-efficient design, the Quadro K6000 GPU enables leading organizations such as Pixar, Nissan, Apache Corporation and the Weather Channel’s WSI division to tackle visualization and analysis workloads of unprecedented size and scope.

  • Animation and Visual Effects – Pixar
    “The Kepler features are key to our next generation of real-time lighting and geometry handling. We were thrilled to get an early look at the K6000. The added memory and other features allow our artists to see much more of the final scene in a real-time, interactive form, and allow many more artistic iterations.”
    -Guido Quaroni, Pixar vice president of Software R&D
  • Product Styling – Nissan
    “With Quadro K6000′s 12 GB of memory, I am now able to load nearly complete vehicle models into RTT Deltagen and have stunning photorealism almost instantly. Instead of spending significant time simplifying the models to fit into previous hardware, we can now spend more time reviewing and iterating designs up front which helps avoid costly changes to tooling.”
    -Dennis Malone, associate engineer, Nissan North America
  • Energy Exploration – Apache
    “Compared to the Quadro K5000, the Quadro K6000 tripled the performance when running jobs on Terraspark’s InsightEarth application. With jobs running in mere minutes, we can run more simulations and get better insight into where to drill. In this business, drilling in the wrong place is a multi-million dollar mistake, and the Quadro K6000 gives us the edge to make better decisions.”
    -Klaas Koster, manager, seismic interpretation, Apache Corporation

Unprecedented Performance
The Quadro K6000 GPU is based on the NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture – the world’s fastest, most efficient GPU architecture. Key performance features and capabilities include:

  • 12GB ultra-fast GDDR5 graphics memory lets designers and animators model and render characters and scenes at unprecedented scale, complexity and richness
  • 2,880 streaming multiprocessor (SMX) cores deliver faster visualization and compute horsepower than previous-generation products
  • Supports four simultaneous displays and up to 4k resolution with DisplayPort™ 1.2
  • Ultra-low latency video I/O and support for large-scale visualizations

“The NVIDIA Quadro K6000 GPU is the highest performance, most capable GPU ever created for the professional graphics market,” said Ed Ellett, senior vice president, Professional Solutions Group at NVIDIA. “It will significantly change the game for animators, digital designers and engineers, enabling them to make the impossible possible.”

New Mobile Workstation GPUs
NVIDIA today also revealed a new flagship professional graphics GPU for workstation notebooks, the NVIDIA Quadro K5100M GPU. Delivering the highest levels of performance and graphics memory available on notebook platforms, the Quadro K5100M anchors a new line of workstation notebook graphics that includes the Quadro K4100M, K3100M, K2100M, K1100M, K610M, and K510M GPUs.

Quadro GPUs are designed, built and tested by NVIDIA to provide the superb reliability, compatibility and dependability that professionals require. They are certified and recommended by more than 150 leading software application providers worldwide.

The NVIDIA Quadro K6000 will be available beginning this fall from Dell, HP, Lenovo and other major workstation providers; from systems integrators, including BOXX Technologies and Supermicro; and from authorized distribution partners, including PNY Technologies in North America and Europe, ELSA and Ryoyo in Japan, and Leadtek in Asia Pacific.

The new Quadro mobile workstation graphics product line will also be available beginning this fall from major mobile workstation OEMs.

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