Super Mario Run Won’t See Additional Content – Nintendo Not Seeing Pokemon GO Like Gains


After its big launch last week, Nintendo has spoken up regarding Super Mario Run, and whether or not it will get additional content.

Super Mario Run Won't See Additional Content - Nintendo Not Seeing Pokemon GO Like Gains

Nintendo showed off Super Mario Run back in September at Apple's keynote. And it was only last week the game saw its big launch. Soon after the release, the game managed to climb on top of charts to mixed reviews. So mixed in fact, it appears as though the game is not living up to Nintendo's expectations, according to a report from WSJ.

The problem with Super Mario Run is: it includes just one in-app purchase of $9.99 in order to unlock the entire game. This is a huge cause of concern for investors after seeing how Pokemon GO performed right after its launch. Why? Because Pokemon GO has in-app purchases scattered all over the place, giving users more options, and in turn making the game more profitable in the long run. Super Mario Run on the other hand, does not have that advantage at all.

Despite all that, reports surfaced online that Nintendo might toss in additional downloadable content, in order to expand the game further, making it even more profitable. But Nintendo chimed in to suggest that there might not be additional content at all, free or otherwise, and what we have right now is all we'll ever get.

The Mario game, on the other hand, gives players only one chance to pay—the $9.99 charge to advance to the game’s higher levels. A Nintendo spokesman said the company didn’t plan to release additional content, either free or paid.

Wrap Up

It just remains to be seen in which direction Nintendo will take its game in order to make it more profitable for investors. There's a lot riding on this title given the current state of Nintendo as a company. Its entrance into the world of mobile gaming is seen as a bold move, but for investors, it's a completely different story.

Maybe, just maybe, there's a chance Nintendo might actually throw in new content for the game, expanding its reach by a huge margin. But time will only tell if it will ever come down to that.

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