Battery Life Saving Tips for Super Mario Run on iOS

Uzair Ghani
Super Mario Run

Here's how you can save battery life on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch while playing Super Mario Run on iOS.

Super Mario Run Can Be Taxing on Your Device's Battery, But You Can Take Steps to Fix Things

Ever since Super Mario Run dropped for iOS, players have been frantically playing the game in the hope to achieve some serious goals in a span of an hour or two. But, while that's good and all, it can leave your device completely crippled in terms of battery life. And the sad part is: you don't have the option to put your device in Airplane mode in order to keep things sane. Why? Because Super Mario Run requires an always-on Internet connection to run. So, what can you do to save battery life? We are glad you asked, because that's what we are going to help you with today.

Use the Obvious Power Pack Remedy

As obvious it may sound, but keeping a portable battery power pack is the way to go if you want to keep things topped up at any given time. Go through Amazon and you will find a lot of options. But if you are seeking for a personal opinion, I would suggest going with something that has at least 10,000mAh of capacity and comes from either Anker, AUKEY or Jackery. They're all reliable brands and won't poke a hole in your wallet either.

Use Low Power Mode

Using Low Power Mode in iOS can help too. Navigate to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode and move the toggle switch to the ON position. You'll notice the battery indicator has gone yellow signifying that the feature has been turned on.

Turn Down Super Mario Run's Graphics Settings

Despite being a very optimized game for iOS, Super Mario Run's graphics setting can be turned down in order to save battery life. Simply tap on the Menu button on the bottom right corner, then select Options. Over here, set Rendering Settings and Graphics Setting options to Low.

Turn Off Certain iOS Features to Save Battery Life

Last but not the least, you can turn off certain features in iOS to save battery life as well. For instance, turning off Background App Refresh may help a lot. Also, taking control of Location Services might be another thing you should look into. Disabling Hey Siri should do you some good.

We really hope the above tips help you save a load of battery life while playing Nintendo's Mario Run. If they have, then be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below.

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