Next BlackBerry Android Powered Smartphone Is Going To Be More Affordable


Even since the release of BlackBerry PRIV, there have been several critics that have praised the company for its bold move to start embracing Google’s popular mobile platform, while at the same time, criticizing it for its ludicrously high price tag. However, in an interview, the CEO of BlackBerry John Chen ensured consumers that the best from the company has yet to come.

John Chen

No Chipset Details Concerning Upcoming BlackBerry Smartphone Have Been Detailed But Pricing Is Going To Be Reduced

In an interview conducted by Bloomberg, John Chen was able to state that the upcoming smartphone from the company was going to be running Android, and will be boasting BlackBerry’s legendary security features as well. While the executive did not manage to divulge the pricing or specification details of the next smartphone, here is what we think is going to present inside the next handset. Starting off, we believe that the SoC is going to MediaTek’s Helio X20. Manufactured on the same process node as a Snapdragon 810 (20nm), Helio X20’s Cortex-A72 cores will give it an added advantage of higher performance compared to the likes of both Exynos 7420 and Snapdragon 810.

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No doubt 14nm LPE and 14nm LPP manufacturing nodes are fairly expensive for smartphone OEMs, Helio X20’s 20nm manufacturing process will allow the handset’s pricing to be reduced severely. After all, you do not need to have the latest and greatest mobile chipset running in your smartphone in order to experience a fluid operating system. The only thing at this point from the latest SoCs that we see are a higher benchmarking score, and of course better efficiency, leading to a higher battery life, which would give enough reason for BlackBerry to incorporate a large battery inside its upcoming smartphone.

Next BlackBerry Android Powered Smartphone Is Going To Be More Affordable

Sometime ago, we did report that there was a chance that the next BlackBerry smartphone was going to feature an Exynos 7420, but the CEO has yet to give us an update regarding this latest revelation. In order to further bolster mobile sales, Chen did state that the firm is looking to partner with South Korean smartphone giant Samsung in terms of strengthening smartphone security. Through Samsung’s KNOX security feature and BlackBerry’s own, we do believe that a powerful combination can be formed in the foreseeable future.

What specifications do you think are going to be present in the upcoming smartphone from the Canadian company? Let us know your thoughts right away.