BlackBerry Branded Phones are Seemingly Dead

Furqan Shahid
BlackBerry Branded Phones are Seemingly Dead

Back in August 2020, we heard about Onward Mobility launching BlackBerry-branded phones. At that time, the company did confirm that "new 5G BlackBerry phones" were coming in 2021 but the launch never really happened and we are well into 2022 and there is still no sign of the phones.

Then earlier this year, Onward Mobility talked about how they are still afloat and there is going to be a 5G phone available in the market with a physical keypad even though BlackBerry was not mentioned in the post. Sadly, a new report has emerged and it suggests that Onward Mobility has been shut down and the report mentions multiple sources, as well.

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Onward Mobility and BlackBerry Along with It Are Seemingly Dead According to the Latest Reports

The latest report is coming after two major things that happened earlier this year. BlackBerry 10 along with a number of BlackBerry Android apps reached their end-of-life status. After that, the company announced that they are selling its mobile, messaging, and wireless networking patents for around $600 million.

The fact that these patents were being sold showed that BlackBerry clearly wants to leave the consumer smartphone past behind. Which is a sad, sad situation for such an influential tech giant that once ruled the market.

Whatever the case might be, there is still no official word about whether Onward Mobility, and in extension, BlackBerry are dead or still afloat. However, we are eagerly waiting for an official response from the company that might end up confirming the status.

In case BlackBerry does end up releasing a keypad-totting 5G phone, will you be getting your hands on one? Especially in an era where you are getting amazing touchscreen phones with brilliant screens. Let us know your thoughts below.

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