iOS 10 Tip: Opening a New Safari Tab Quickly, Easily & More Efficiently


Here's how you can open a new Safari tab on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 quickly, easily and more efficiently.

Opening a New Safari Tab is Easy, But We Will Show You Two New Ways That Are Even Better Than Before

Opening a new tab in Safari is a slightly painful process; you tap on the tabs button, then you press the + button at the bottom to kickstart a new tab. Not exactly ideal, if you are asking me. What if I told you there is an easier way to open a new tab in Safari? Well, let me walk you through it all.

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New Tab Shortcut in Safari

Instead of going through what is mentioned above, simply tap and hold on the tabs button in Safari and you will be greeted with two new options - New Tab and Close Tab(s). Simply tap on the former to launch a new tab. See how easy it was? You didn't have to go through a lot of trouble at all.

Use 3D Touch to Launch a New Tab

If you have an iPhone that supports 3D Touch (iPhone 6s & iPhone 7) then jumping straight into a new Safari tab is a piece of cake. Simply deep press on the Safari icon on the home screen, then select New Tab. Once done, Safari will launch, and the address bar will be all set and ready to accept the location where you want to go to.

The above two routes, when mastered properly, come in handy under a lot of situations. Especially when you are working in a lot of tabs in Safari. Furthermore, if you mix and match the techniques with other shortcuts in Safari, then you can have your way around stuff in a very efficient manner.

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There are a lot of great things in Safari which users should definitely check out. But most of them are useful if you are tied in well with Apple's ecosystem and own devices such as an iPad, Mac etc. At the end of the day, it's your choice which browser you wish to use in order to handle your Web needs.

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