Mysterious AMD Radeon RX 5950 XT Flagship GPU Spotted In EEC Registration – Is This Big Navi?


AMD's high-end lineup has been missing from the picture for quite a while now but it looks like the company might be adding to its existing Navi-series GPUs very soon. A mysterious RX 5950XT was recently spotted getting EEC certification (Komachi via Videocardz) and considering we have seen leaks of a very powerful 'Big Navi' GPU already, is this the card we have been waiting for? Well, only time will tell, but in the meantime here are the details on the Radeon RX 5950 XT.

AMD Radeon RX 5950XT Navi GPU family spotted in EEC filing online

The EEC filing, in fact, mentions four new GPUs: Radeon RX 5950XT (the flagship), Radeon RX 5950, Radeon RX 5900 and the Radeon RX 5800. This means we can expect at the very least one more Navi GPU with three variants each. It is entirely possible that this is the Big Navi that was promised to us almost 2.5 years ago and the one that will deliver to AMD fans the high-end card they have been waiting for. On the other hand, it is also possible that this is a new die that the company prepared and while these graphics cards will obviously more powerful than the RX 5800 series, it is still not Big Navi.

Without any further ado, here is a screenshot of the EEC filing submitted by AFOX corporation - an add-in board partner for AMD Radeon.

Considering we are looking at at least four confirmed launches from AMD where graphics cards are concerned, it is very likely that the Open VR entrant we saw recently is one of these. Nomenclature would dictate that the RX 5950 XT be significantly more powerful than any of its younger siblings (like the already-released RX 5700) and going by the steps involved, we can easily see that this is going to be quite a powerful card.

It is clear, however, that AMD will be populating some of its missing price points and we are likely looking at price cuts for the existing RX 5700 series when that happens. The upcoming graphics cards will be based on the 7nm process and will be manufactured using the RDNA macroarchitecture. Ray tracing is also expected to be supported on a native basis in these cards. If the OpenVR benchmarks are anything to go by then we are looking at at least a 15% increase over NVIDIA's flagship: the RTX 2080 Ti.

AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, did recently promise high-end Radeon RX Navi GPUs. Lisa also mentioned that AMD is heavily investing in ray tracing for their 2020 discrete GPU lineup which would feature the 2nd Generation RNDA architecture with hardware-level integration to support ray-tracing. The features to expect from 2nd Generation RDNA Navi GPUs would be:

  • Optimized 7nm+ process node
  • Enthusiast-grade desktop graphics card options
  • Hardware-Level Ray Tracing Support
  • A mix of GDDR6 and HBM2 graphics cards
  • More power-efficient than First-Gen Navi GPUs

AMD's GPU side has been pretty much lackluster over the past couple of years and while the CPU side has made one hell of a comeback, its time for Radeon to shine once again. The last impressive launch that I recall was Hawaii and the RX 5950 XT looks like it could restart AMD's competitive streak in the GPU side of things as well. Equipped with a process advantage over its competitors, and with NVIDIA backed into a corner with its expensive Turing chips, this is one of the biggest opportunities for AMD Radeon to shine again.

What do you think the RX 5950XT is?