MSI’s Top X570 Motherboards Receive The Latest AMD AGESA BIOS Firmware, Fixes fTPM Issues Once & For All


MSI has released its official AMD AGESA BIOS firmware for its high-end MEG X570 series motherboards. The latest BIOS enables enhanced support for the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU & also fixes some of the major bugs such as the fTPM issues that users had been encountering for a while now.

MSI's Top Brass of X570 Motherboards First To Recieve AMD AGESA BIOS FIrmware, Fixes fTPM Issues Once And For All

MSI did fulfill its promise of offering AMD AGESA BIOS firmware later this month and now the top tier MEG X570 motherboards have finally received the update. As of right now, the four top MSI boards including the MEG X570 GODLIKE, MEG X570S ACE MAX, MEG X570 ACE and the MEG X570S Unify-X have received the BIOS which can be found in the download links provided below (MSI's official Google Drive Repository):

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Motherboard BIOS Version
MEG X570 GODLIKE 1H1 (Download Link)
MEG X570S ACE MAX 141 (Download Link)
MEG X570 ACE 1I1 (Download Link)
MEG X570S UNIFY-X MAX 132 (Download Link)

As for the updates, the first and most important is the AMD AGESA BIOS firmware will get rid of all the stuttering issues that were reported with fTPM on the AMD Ryzen platform. This has been a nuisance for many users but it's nice to know that these issues are now more or less fixed. The other upgrade comes in the form of Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU support for the 300-series boards. To run the latest 3D V-Cache CPUs on X370, B350, and A320 motherboards, you will be required to update to the new AGESA BIOS for full compatibility. Finally, you can also see the Ryzen SMU Checker screenshot that's been provided below:

As for when the rest of the motherboards get their AMD AGESA BIOS firmware, they are expected to roll out throughout May. MSI has said that they will skip the AGESA Patch C BIOS for 300/400 series motherboards given that the new BIOS firmware is shipping in less than a month's time. Also, there's a special overclocking-unlock BIOS headed to X570 motherboards soon by MSI so stay tuned for that too.