Monster Hunter World Is Being Well Received Worldwide; No Comment On Monetization


In a few months, Capcom is going to release one of its most anticipated titles of recent years, Monster Hunter World. While the majority of fans still has to try out the game, it seems like the upcoming new entry in the series is being well received in all regions.

In a recent Q&A session, the Japanese publisher talked about how well the game has been received in events all over the world. Additionally, promotional activities will be carried out in Japan, North America, and Europe to maximize sales.

Monster Hunter World Has Shipped Over 20 Million Units

Q. How has Monster Hunter: World been received?

A. This title received high praise at the Tokyo Game Show as well as other events all over the world, and we feel that our users are currently very satisfied with it. Going forward, we look to maximize sales by carrying out robust promotional activities not only in Japan, but also in the North American and European markets as well.

In the same Q&A session, Capcom has also been asked about the game's monetization. Sadly, the publisher hasn't revealed anything new, which doesn't seem to bode particularly well. Considering what happened these past few days with Star Wars Battlefront II, the Japanese publisher would do well in evaluating carefully how to implement microtransactions to avoid backlash.

Q. Will Monster Hunter: World include in-game monetization?

A. At the moment we have nothing we can share other than what information has already been made public.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yuuya Tokuda briefly touched upon loot boxes earlier this month, stating that loot is not as important as in other games, and paying to get items would let players skip part of the experience, which is not what the team wants.

[With Monster Hunter] you’ve already kind of got loot as a core gameplay aspect without having to shove a microtransaction version of it in. Our focus is on wanting to get people to play our action game and feel the kind of satisfaction that comes with the achievement you get with completing a hunt and getting rewards. We want people to have the experience that we’ve made for them rather than the option to skip the experience.

Monster Hunter World launches on PS4 and Xbox One on January 28th. The PC version will release at a later time.