M1 iPad Pro With mini-LED to Account for 10 Percent of Apple’s 2021 Tablet Shipments

M1 iPad Pro With mini-LED to Account for 10 Percent of Apple’s 2021 Tablet Shipments

Apple’s 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro is the only model this year to feature a mini-LED screen, providing ample benefits for users looking for a display upgrade. It turns out, according to the latest report, this slate could account for 10 percent of Apple’s 2021 shipment tally, indicating that a display upgrade will open up a new market.

Problems in mini-LED Mass Production and Chip Shortages Will Have the Final Say of the Overall M1 iPad Pro Shipments

According to DigiTimes, upstream supply chain sources appear confident that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will become an integral part of Apple’s tablet line, despite its high asking price. Previously, DigiTimes reported that the new iPad Pro could ship around five million units in 2021. One major reason why customers will be thrilled to pick this up is undoubtedly the new mini-LED upgrade, which provides many benefits of OLED, and without the pesky screen burn-in issue.

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The second reason will obviously be its powerful internal specs. For those that do not know, as the name implies, the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro is fueled by Apple’s 5nm M1 chip, the same custom silicon running in the company’s portable Macs, Mac mini, and redesigned iMac. Not just this, but it is also the first time Apple has allowed customers to upgrade the RAM up to 16GB.

Given how critics praise the memory management of iPadOS, 16GB RAM would be overkill for something like this. However, Apple’s success with the larger M1 iPad Pro will largely depend on looming mass production difficulties of the mini-LED screen, as stated by an earlier report, as well as the ongoing chip shortage. While Apple and TSMC could work together to increase wafer output, thereby subsiding silicon shortage somewhat, it is also a question of procuring mini-LED screens for the iPad Pro.

This could explain why Apple has kept the display technology exclusive to the larger model; customers who actually possess the need for such a display will also require additional screen real estate, which is something the 11-inch iPad Pro does not provide. In the future, we can expect Apple to improve its mini-LED supply chain, allowing more products to be transitioned, but for now, enjoy it on the M1 iPad Pro.

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News Source: DigiTimes

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