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Midnight Club Remaster/Reboot Images Leaked Online


After the enormous and historic success of Grand Theft Auto V, the expectation for the next work of Rockstar has been at a high level since, at the same time of the confirmed development of Red Dead Redemption 2, the fans expected some other title on the part of the company. This time a leak seems to show a new title from the Midnight Club series, a street racing franchise whose last installment was released in 2008, Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

According to a report from a Reddit user, an Xbox LIVE profile likely corresponding to a developer or at least a person with privileged access at Rockstar accidentally published his game session, in which he showed images of a new Midnight Club title running on Xbox One.

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When noticing this, the Reddit user captured the images to account for what happened. It should be considered that people with special access for testing out games have to play the prototypes without being connected to the Internet. Above, we can see the home screen with the Midnight Club logo which includes a wallpaper of a recent model of the Ford Mustang, while the following image shows a modification screen for the same car.

It should be mentioned that the Reddit user shared the links corresponding to the Xbox LIVE account linked to the leak and the images published on it, however, moments later the access led to non-existent sites and obviously to the home screen of Xbox LIVE.

Thus, Rockstar is again in the sights of new rumors about a new game, which add to those of a possible remastered version of LA Noire and a possible launch of Bully 2.

Would you like to play this remastered or reboot version of a new Midnight Club title? Let us know in the comments below.