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Microsoft’s Edge Extensions Get Official Website Ahead of Expected Release


Windows 10 users have been expecting to see Edge extensions for a long time now. Extensions remain one of the most requested features in Microsoft's Edge browser. As extensions offer added functionality in the browser, the company has made the feature a priority to make the browser more popular among users. Many reports have previously claimed that extensions in the Edge are going to be released soon for the Insiders, but now a dedicated page on Microsoft's developer site gives a real hint at the imminent release possibilities.

Edge extensions receive an official nod

Users on the Windows Insider Program have been expecting to see Edge extensions in the upcoming Redstone releases. While Microsoft has long been planning to bring this feature to the users, it seems to be finally ready for testing. Yesterday, the company published an official landing page for Microsoft's Edge extensions ahead of the official launch of the feature in next Windows 10 Redstone release. A similar page was leaked back in December, however, the company had pulled it back. Microsoft has again pulled the page, but the possibility of Edge extensions coming soon remain strong.

Leaked via MSPowerUser, the official page gives us some hints of what Edge extensions might look like initially when they'll be released to Windows 10 Insiders. There seem to be three extensions at first when the support will be offered in Windows 10's next Redstone preview build.

Microsoft Translator extension

Translate foreign language pages for 50+ languages by downloading the Microsoft Translator extension. The translation icon will appear in the address bar when visiting a foreign-language web page in Microsoft Edge. Click on the icon to instantly translate the web page to your current Windows language.

Reddit Enhancement Suite extension

A suite of modules that enhance your Reddit browsing experience.

Mouse Gestures extension

An extension for Microsoft Edge that allows customers to perform basic browsing tasks by right-clicking and then gesturing with the mouse. For example, right-click and hold, then move the mouse down and to the right to close the current tab, or move the mouse from right to left to go back to the previous page.

Microsoft Translator, Reddit Enhancement Suits and Mouse Gestures appear to be the first three Edge extensions that will be released for testing. Each of these extensions has its own download button and a text file that gives instructions on how to enable the extensions.

While Microsoft has pulled the webpage, you can view the cached page here.