All Mass Effect Andromeda Difficulty Options To Be Available From The Start; Romance Options Get Additional Details


Last month, Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Designer Ian S. Frazier revealed some new details on the game's difficulty options, revealing how there will be both behavioral and stat changes based on difficulty. A few hours ago, it's been revealed that players won't have to play through the game at least once to enjoy a brutally unforgiving experience.

According to Ian S. Frazier, the Mass Effect Andromeda single player difficulty options will be unlocked from the start, so players can start playing on the Insanity difficulty right from the first playthrough.

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Frazier also revealed all of the Mass Effect Andromeda difficulty options, with the already mentioned Insanity being the hardest.

Speaking of difficulty options, Frazier also mentioned that there will be a mechanic similar to the Dragon Age Inquisition Trials which will scratch the same itch.

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The Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Designer also talked about the game's romance options recently. Apparently, the game will have options for a variety of sexual orientations, but there are no plans to reveal all of them before launch.

Mass Effect Andromeda launches next month in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While we wait for more to come in, you can take a look at some fresh screenshots focusing on some of the game's most important characters.