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Mass Effect Team Includes Series Vets, May be a Sequel to Original Trilogy and Andromeda


Last night at The Game Awards, BioWare dropped the first teaser trailer for their next Mass Effect game, which certainly got tongues wagging. The teaser seemed to feature ME Trilogy staple Liara, hinting strongly at a return to the Milky Way galaxy, but even that couldn’t get some fans excited given BioWare’s less-than-stellar recent history.

Well, following the teaser reveal, director of the new Mass Effect, Michael Gamble, confirmed several series veterans have returned to work on the new game…

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Clearly Gamble was hoping to set minds at ease, given the recent departures of Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah (and the many high-profile defections before then). There’s a feeling the BioWare of today isn’t the company it once was, but it seems Gamble is trying to disabuse fans of that notion.

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Gamble also had a rather interesting interaction with a fan, who noticed imagery of two galaxies in the teaser, and wondered if this meant the new ME is a sequel to both the original Trilogy as well as Andromeda. Gamble did not shoot the theory down.

While most would prefer BioWare to return to the setting of the original Mass Effect games, there are some Andromeda fans out there, so making a game that follows up on both is arguably a smart way of pleasing everyone, providing you pull off the right balance.

What are your thoughts on all this? Should BioWare continue to acknowledge Andromeda, or should it be forever cast out the airlock?