World’s First Super-Capacity Detachable & Expandable Backup Battery Station MANGO POWER Is Now Available on Indiegogo

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Wildfires, flash floods, storms, and other disasters have become increasingly unpredictable, giving us very little warning to prepare for them. If getting backup power has been on your mind, but you aren't a fan of bulky products that rarely come in use when actually needed, we are thrilled to introduce a pretty useful product.

Mango Power Union is the world's first home-and-portable battery station that has been backed by techies to offer a product that integrates both home and portable power solutions. This means you no longer need to worry about keeping two products, one big enough to handle home usage and the other small enough to be carried around for camping or other outdoor uses.

Mango Power has introduced its flagship home and portable power station that is super versatile and can be both your home energy backup and your mobile power station.

The Mango Power Union is welcomed by users. The Indiegogo campaign is going strong as the sales are still climbing in great momentum after they exceeded $660,000 in one month. The campaign has also been extended for another 30 days since Dec 24. Join now to avail the special offers available for limited time!

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Mango Power Union: an ingenious modular design that solves all kinds of energy problems

An inventive design, the modularity of Mango Power Union makes it both expandable and detachable. This results in a transformative product that is big enough to deal with a full house usage (Mango Power Home), and its smaller unit (Mango Power Move) can be detached when you need to go camping or on a road trip.

But its sleek, versatile design isn't the only reason why Mango Power Union is the perfect energy backup. Power Union features a massive 19 ports along with two wireless charging pads for smartphones, which means no more arguments over rationing your charging times during an outage or a trip. These ports include a 120V@30A port especially included for your RV and a unique 40A home backup port.

mango power union ports

This detachable home power station has a supercharged 6.9kWh capacity (4.35kW AC/DC output) battery that can tackle surges up to 6600W from power tools, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other home appliances.

Among many other firsts, the Mango Power Union is also the first commercial power station with a built-in dual inverter system (AC+PV), with an industry-leading 95% inverter efficiency that minimizes energy loss. It helps you power your most important appliances during emergencies without being thirsty about energy itself.

Lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint with Mango

Mango Power Union can be charged through an AC wall outlet, grid charging with the mPanel (an accessory designed by Mango Power for integrating the Mango Power Union into multiple circuits in your home grid), a gas generator, or solar panels. The Mango supports up to 4000W of solar charging, and the MPPT algorithm is constantly working to keep your power supply steady and strong - no matter what the sun does.

Mango is one of the world's fastest charging power stations, featuring a super-fast 3300W charging. The smaller Mango Power Move charges at 1300W. Plug the Mango into any wall outlet, and it's fully charged in 2.5 hours, reaching  80% battery capacity in just 1.5 hours!

Whether you need it for backup power, outdoor power, or off-the-grid green energy, Mango makes it possible at half of the cost. With its ongoing early bird offer, the Mango Power Union, with its total battery capacity of 6.9kWh, requires you to just pay $0.4/Wh.

mango power union

The early bird price starts from $2999 making Mango Power Union a must-buy power station with a sleek design and an incredible array of features. Power a full-sized refrigerator or AC unit, Mango makes it possible to go off the grid without compromising on design.

Power outages or surprise trips. Mango Power Union can handle even the thirstiest of your products, cars, and appliances. Get peace of mind with Mango Power Union, currently available for just $2999+ with 4 years of carefree warranty along with and 1 FREE Mango Power 200W Solar Panel for each Indiegogo backer!

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