Maid of Sker Drops an Eerie Gameplay Trailer and July Release Date


2020 has already seen some great horror games like Resident Evil 3 and The Last of Us Part II, but you shouldn’t overlook Wales Interactive’s upcoming Maid of Sker. The moody first-person horror game is based on a classic Welsh story and revolves around a woman who has been imprisoned by her father within a creepy hotel – you can check out a new gameplay trailer for the title, below.

Sker Ritual Co-Op Survival FPS Game Gets Reveal Trailer

As you can see in the trailer, Maid of Sker promises to deliver challenging stealth gameplay, as you must evade enemies with super hearing called the Quiet Men. The game will also feature a replayable storyline that branches depending on the actions you take. Here’s your official Maid of Sker rundown…

Inspired by the haunting Welsh folklore tale of Elisabeth Williams, Maid of Sker draws players back to 1898 to venture through the shadowy halls of Sker Hotel. Armed only with a defensive sound-device, players will have to keep eyes open and stay alert through the waking nightmare in order to solve the supernatural mystery that hangs over the Sker Hotel.

Key Features:

  • 3D sound-based AI system as the core survival mechanic.
  • Realistic visuals featuring 4k uncapped on PC (1080p 60fps minimum) and enhancements on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.
  • Dynamic environment sound feature that alerts enemies via a nudge system when the player bumps into objects.
  • A chilling story inspired by Welsh folklore fusing psychological, gothic and British horror.
  • Re-imagining of famous Welsh hymns Calon Lân (A Pure Heart), Suo-Gân (Welsh Lullaby) and Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night) from the spine-chilling voice of Tia Kalmaru.

Wales Interactive has a somewhat mixed track record, but Maid of Sker looks to be their most ambitious, personal project to date. Here's hoping it turns out well.

Maid of Sker arrives on PC (via Steam), Xbox One, and PS4 on July 28.