M2 MacBook Air With White Notch Reportedly Launching in September, but With No Face ID


The 2022 MacBook Air has previously been reported to arrive with a notch at the top, just like the redesigned MacBook Pro models, along with several new color options. Earlier, it was stated that this particular model would launch in the second half of 2022, which is not an accurate timeline. Fortunately, we have received word that Apple intends on unveiling it in September.

New Report Claims M2 MacBook Air’s Display Size Will Increase From 13.3 Inches on the Older Model to 13.6 Inches on the Upcoming Version

The report from iDropNews does not mention if the M2 MacBook Air will have a white notch only, or if its color will be according to the finish sold later in the year. LeaksApplePro does state that though he was received a picture of the product, the anonymous source has requested not to make it public. He does, however, state that the image he was sent looks identical to the renders we have come across previously, indicating that there would not have been much of a surprise if that image was uploaded.

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Additional information claims that the M2 MacBook Air’s display will increase from 13.3 inches to 13.6 inches, thanks to the reduction of bezels. Unfortunately, despite the notch present at the top, the upcoming MacBook Air will not ship with Face ID support, but the notch does represent a future change in which Apple may bring the security feature to future models. Earlier, Ross Young predicted the same 13.6-inch display size, but also added that a 14.2-inch variant will be added to the lineup.

Unfortunately, if customers were expecting upgrades on the display size, Young stated that both models would lack mini-LED or ProMotion technology, but this compromise is necessary to bring the cost of the M2 MacBook Air down. Luckily, where Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the upcoming model would ship with Apple’s last-generation M1, numerous reports state that Apple will use its new M2, which should provide a small performance bump over its predecessor.

While future customers will likely have to exercise patience to get the M2 MacBook Air due to the waiting time, remember to treat this rumor with a pinch of salt, and we will be back with more updates.

Image Credits - ZONEofTECH

News Source: iDropNews

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