Fresh 2022 MacBook Air Renders Show off a Slim Design, White Bezels With a Notch, MagSafe Connector, More

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Fresh 2022 MacBook Air Renders Show off a Slim Design, White Bezels With a Notch, MagSafe Connector, More

The 2022 MacBook Air will take its sweet time when it comes to an official release, and these new renders might make customers even more impatient than before. The latest images now show a fresh design, with a new finish, as well as the addition of MagSafe, and other changes, so let us check these out.

M2 MacBook Air Design Gets Inspired by the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Series With Its Flat Edges

Thanks to the collaboration between Jon Prosser and Renders by Ian, we get a closer look at how the 2022 MacBook Air might look upon release. The upcoming portable Mac was previously reported to feature white bezels and sport a notch like the 2021 MacBook Pro models. Well, these images show precisely that, along with an improved design that looks significantly slimmer than the M1 MacBook Air.

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We figure that since the M2 chipset is expected to be highly energy-efficient, it will not require the need for an elaborate cooling solution, thus giving Apple more freedom to reduce the MacBook Air’s thickness. The upcoming model may also include a MagSafe connector, as depicted by these renders, along with one Thunderbolt 4 port on either side. Unfortunately, we do not expect these Thunderbolt 4 ports to arrive with eGPU support, as Apple omitted the feature on the 2021 MacBook Air models.


The addition of a mini-LED screen will improve the package’s appeal, and it will make the 2022 MacBook Air the most affordable portable Mac to feature this display upgrade. Unfortunately, for those waiting for its release, do not expect it to start shipping early next year as this MacBook Air will reportedly enter mass production in the third quarter. One reason why it could arrive late is due to the time it would take finalizing the design for mass production, along with procuring a healthy supply of M2 chipsets and mini-LED panels, both of which are hard to come by.

Apple will likely want its supply chain in order because as of right now, you need to wait between three to four weeks for any 2021 MacBook Pro model to be delivered to you. Are you excited to see what this new 2022 MacBook Air is capable of doing? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: FrontPageTech

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