2022 MacBook Air to Feature M1 Chip, Not M2, With No mini-LED Upgrade


After previous rumors tipped the 2022 MacBook Air to tout some notable upgrades, we may be in for a disappointing product announcement, according to an analyst’s latest predictions. Instead of getting the M2 chip, which is said to feature extra GPU cores, the upcoming portable Mac may feature the same M1 as the 2020 model.

Design Change Still on the Cards for the 2022 MacBook Air

The latest set of predictions for the 2022 MacBook Air comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims that mass production of the machine will begin in the second or third quarter of the year. Kuo already said that mass production would start in the third quarter, but according to new info, the launch of this product may happen earlier. Unfortunately, even if it may arrive to customers before the anticipated timeline, it will not receive the upgrades that the analyst mentioned previously.

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The 2022 MacBook Air is not expected to feature a mini-LED, despite previous claims. We can understand Apple taking a step back with this decision, as it would likely want to make this machine more affordable for the masses, and that cannot happen if a costly component like mini-LED is used. While some may ignore the display upgrade, a boatload of customers upgrade to a newer model to experience that performance upgrade, which again, may be excluded from the package.

Assuming the 2022 MacBook Air features the M1 instead of the M2, it would make more sense to buy the previous version for a lower price tag, as the current-generation MacBook Air features the same internals. A new form factor is said to arrive too. In other words, we should anticipate a design change, which may or may not include the notch at the top. In addition to the design change, like the M1 iMac, the 2022 MacBook Air may arrive in more colors, which may appeal to the mainstream customer, but those familiar with the internals may forego the purchase.

Other changes may include a lighter chassis, a MagSafe charging port, and a couple of USB 4 ports, giving more versatility to users. We certainly hope Kuo changes his predictions in the coming weeks otherwise recommending a portable Mac with just a design change and a different coat of paint might not be enough. Do you think the 2022 MacBook Air should arrive with faster, more efficient internals, along with a better display? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Ming-Chi Kuo

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